Want You Gone Portal 2 Guitar Cover

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Want You Gone Portal 2 Guitar Cover

MP3: www.mediafire.com Yay I got a new bass guitar! I literally got it days before I recorded this and was so happy to not have to go up the octave on certain parts for once! Anyways, I recently finished both the single player and co-op stories of Portal 2 and it really blew me away. Such an amazing game, definitely one of those few better-than-the-original games. Loved the development for GLaDoS and the character of Wheatley, and the end song was as amazing as the last one so I had to cover it. I guess you guys weren’t kidding how great it was and how badly I needed to cover it. :) Recording this one was an absolute breeze, which gave me more time to incorporate more bends and colors to the overall product. No crazy changes or anything, just metal all the way through. I also treated the lead guitars as if they were vocals when I brought them to the mixing stage, tried some cool reverb stuff and double tracking too. By the way, if you were going to try to put the words to this, don’t. I changed the tempo and extended a lot of sections because the tempo was way too slow for this style of music. I usually stick with original everything, but this time I let it slide for the sake of the arrangement. A podcast called C-Stick on iTunes featured my Still Alive cover and said some really nice things about me, be sure to check out their YouTube (www.youtube.com and subscribe and tell them I sent you, and also remind them to ask permission before they use someone else’s work

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