Killing Me Softly / hybrid 6 strings bass/guitar (Roberta Flack) personal adaptation

For a long time, I tried to find a solution to play nylon guitar and acoustic bass at the same time, this music with this setup is the easiest solution I found to do it (with a test/takamine EG522 / CTP-1R preamp). But there’s a lack… you cannot play some precious guitar chords… So, I found another solution on a Bartolex 7 strings guitar (the tuning is really personal and not strung like most 7 strings guitars) which is better than with 6 strings but, I think the best way to go further with this idea would be to use a 8 strings guitar… however, I’m not sure before to try it… Right now, I’m waiting for my Bartolex 8 strings guitar (fanned frets) from the Argentin luthier and guitarist Neris Gonzalez who is the only one I know (at this time) who makes this kind of nylon multi-strings guitars. In March 2010, I met The mexican luthier and guitarist Alejandro Cervantes (who lives in San Diego / CA) who tried and really liked the 7 strings solution I found (with the bartolex guitar) and was thinking to make one for himself and one for me (with his own vision of the instrument). Longtemps, j’ai essayé de trouver la solution qui me permettrait de jouer sur une guitare nylon et de pouvoir jouer de la basse acoustique en même temps. Ce morceau, dans cette configuration (4 cordes de guitare + 2 cordes basses), est la solution la plus facile que j’ai trouvé pour m’en rapprocher (avec ma guitare de test Takamine EG 522 équipée d’un pré_ampli CTP-1R), mais il demeure toujours
Video Rating: 5 / 5